Civil Construction

From Luxury Villas to Mansions, Apartments and Towers. Design, Consultation, We do Planning, Construction, Finishing and Furnishing. ACE aces it all.


ACE undertakes specialized design, engineering, procurement and fabrication / construction and installation of process skids / piping, steel structures, tanks and heavy equipment installations at green and brown fields for on-shore projects.

Oil & Gas

Whether ‘design and build’ or construction only, ACE has the ability to execute every project safely and efficiently, meeting all project milestones as required.

Industrial Construction

ACE provides designing, planning, construction, installation and supervision services to manufacturers and other industrial applications.


ACE is experienced in constructing Durable Roads, Underpasses, Fly-Overs, Bridges and Renovations for city infrastructure.

ACE Fabrications

ACE has its own in-house fabrication based in India and UAE for on-shore projects in the oil & gas sector. 

Waste Management

ACE provides waste management and safe disposal solutions for large scale applications. Including but not limited to construction, marine and boring waste.

Audex Ready Mix

ACE manufactures specific blends of concrete suitable for Onshore as well as offshore applications.


Cybersecurity and remote Internet Access (Satellite Direct) solutions for large scale projects.

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